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As a Drink Editor I receive a lot of requests for restaurant, bar and nightlife recommendations. So I started a blog to chronicle Chicago's social scene which eventually morphed into New York's drinking and dining scene. After years in Chicago, I'm now a full time resident of NYC, the East Village to be exact. Look forward to sharing the latest and greatest from the wine & spirits world, straight from the Big Apple.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chicago Scene on CBS

A couple of weeks ago, my home girl Rachel Gillman, Dining Writer for Chicago Scene, paid a little trip the new CBS studio in the Loop. Building off an April Splurge v. Save article in our print pub, she chatted on-air about the best places in the city to save a little coin, spend a little dough.

Stay tuned for our joint Drink-Dining Article coming out in May 2009's Chicago Scene. We embarked on a little Mexican roadtrip through the Chicago.

I'm a Lush. She's the Glutton. A match made in heaven

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Sox are Bringin' Sexy back at MARKET

Off the heels of a season opening the win against the K-C Royals, the Chicago White Sox were primed for good time.

And a good time it was.

There was Vueve. There was Patron. And there was birthday cake.

Earlier this week, Sox General Manager Kenny Williams hosted his birthday bash and introduced his new West Loop hot spot to the gliteratti of Chicago. The invite-only event was replete with a “who's who” of Chicago sports and entertainment media who rubbed elbows at the private party and took in the latest multi-faceted restaurant to hit the West Loop: Market.

Located in a non descript building on Randolph (I swear, I've jogged past this very space every day for the past two years and never knew it was under construction), Market at 1113 W. Randolph, is the brainchild of Karl Spektor (Mod Construction) and Kenny Williams. Market is a Chameleon. It can change colors and has the ability to wear many hats.

Looking for a Sports Bar? Check.

Want to sport your Gladiator heels in a lounge environment? Check

Stunning rooftop views of the Chicago Skyline? Check.

The space is versatile; but it doesn't have a confusing identity like so many restaurants that try to appeal to too many people. Market has character.

The first floor is referred to as Restaurant and Sports Bar at Market which has birch wood walls, a double sided glass-enclosed fire place, plush leather booths and accordion style doors to offer open-air dining. The dining room can also be curtained off from the bar area for private events.

What to wear: Floor-length casual summer dress with Tory Burch sandals.

The Sidewalk Café at Market is at the front of the building, ideal for casual outdoor dining and to the west of the building is the Beer Garden at Market, a 2,500 square foot area surrounded by trees. Six outdoor flat screens will allow guests to watch games and with a seating area that caters up to 200 people, there's no doubt that this will be a great area to host an outdoor private party.

What to wear: Acne skinny jeans, Tods flats, sleeveless white top.

The highlight of Market is the Rooftop Lounge. Casual dining may exist in the lower half of the venue, but once you escape to the 4th floor, it's nothing by sun, sky and skylines. There are plush cabanas draped in white lines, granite stadium seating so you can perch casually, sipping on a cocktail, people watching as you take in views of the Hancock, Trump and Sears Tower (forget the new name, it will always called the “Sears”). There will be Market bus on call, used to transport guests to sporting events like Sox games and Bulls game (ahem! No Cubs games).

With Executive Chef Joe Rosetti serving up classic American fare such as mini pulled pork sliders, baby lamb chops and popcorn shrimp (served in an old-fashioned popcorn box), Market practices what it preaches: yummy food for a delicious crowd.



Saturday, April 4, 2009

USBG Cocktail World Cup at Boka

When Bridget Albert called me up and asked me to be a judge at the USBG World Cup State Championship at Boka, I eagerly replied, “Yes, Please.” Chicago has some talented mixolgists. And our judges weren't too bad either (North Shore Distillery, Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago Scene, Boka, Ultimate Elixirs). I was thrilled to taste, contemplate and score all of the aperitif’s that were in competition against each other. See below for the highlights, photos courtesy of Angie Jackon, my fellow judge.  The winning drink is above...

Friday, April 3, 2009

This Drink Editor and The Diva Series