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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Say buh-bye to sloppy tequila shots, greasy quesadillas and a-thousand-calories-a-pop Margaritas. This Tuesday is all about celebrating Cinco in style.

I’m convinced that the Skinny Girl Margarita is the best thing to have come from the Real Housewives of New York and I’m excited to say that Chicago has found the boyfriend to the infamous SGM: Adam Seger’s Look Better Naked Margarita which combines partida reposado, all organic açaí-agave-rosemary-egg white. It’s the perfect cocktail to kick-start the warm weather months.

For those of you that may have heard of Nacional 27, but are yet to pay homage to the Latin-American food Mecca, I may hit you.

No really. You need to go.

And with the inexpensive invite to join us next week, there really isn’t an excuse.

If you’re new to the mixology scene, Seger’s cocktails are award-worthy. In fact, the guy is award-winning. Unlike most mixologists, Seger is a Certified Culinary Professional (CCP). It’s no wonder that he has the ingredient obsession of a chef. In addition to using specialty and boutique liquors for his drinks, he also sources artisan products, such as organic agave syrup from Peru and he creates other syrups and mixes in-house, including Sangria, Tres Leches and Horchata. And for those with a serious sweet tooth: Seger makes his own maraschino cherries.

Guests have a choice of white, red, guava or passion-ginger Sangria, which is made with house-infused wine, fruit, liqueurs, spices and brandy. True, this is a Spanish drink, but, ahem, calling all history buffs, who was it exactly that first settled in Mexico?

And with Tuesday’s Cheeky party comes all-you-can-drink Margaritas, and we’re not talking about too sweet, over-processed sugary mixed margs.

These are artfully-created, innovative displays of cocktail craftsmanship.

The Breakfast Margarita blends Sauza gold, Amaretto di Saronno, Navan vanilla liqueur, orange marmalade and egg whites, while the Signature Margarita consists of Cazadores reposado, Bacardi anejo and Grand Marnier. The Luxe Margarita mixes Corzo añejo, Grand Marnier centenaire and hand squeezed lime.

If you’re looking to step out of the box, opt for the Five Citrus Cazuelas. Built in a sixteen ounce pint glass, this cocktail harmoniously blends oranges, lemons, limes, ruby red grapefruit and Mexican sweet oranges. A pinch of Hawaiian pink salt is added to the fruit mixture and is then topped with an ounce and a half of rum, Silver tequila (opt for Corzo) and Fresca.


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