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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovely for Fall

The Glenrothes, one of only three Speyside Malts to hold ‘top class’ status recently introduced three new single malt scotch expressions that have aficionados going gaga. The Glenrothes Alba Reserve, the first certified kosher expression from the distillery, is matured in American oak refill bourbon casks, which produces a rich, sweet single malt. The Glenrothes Vintage 1998 has hints of cinnamon and results in an expression that’s smooth on the palate. The Glenrothes Vintage 1994 was released to complement the wildly successful Vintage 1991 which – as anticipated – will soon be unavailable. It’s the most stimulating and uplifting expression from the Glenrothes family and is the ultimate post-dinner drink.

How is one to get the best out of the Glenrothes vintages? “Enjoy each expression neat,” says Nathalie Phillips, The Glenrothes Brand Manager. “I like to add a few drops of water which opens up the aromas and nuances.”

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sabrina chapman said...

I will def be getting warm and toasty this fall with this spirit! Thanks for the intro!