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As a Drink Editor I receive a lot of requests for restaurant, bar and nightlife recommendations. So I started a blog to chronicle Chicago's social scene which eventually morphed into New York's drinking and dining scene. After years in Chicago, I'm now a full time resident of NYC, the East Village to be exact. Look forward to sharing the latest and greatest from the wine & spirits world, straight from the Big Apple.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fully-Stocked Anything Goes Bar

Don Julio mojitos?
Ciroc with organic lemonade? 
Plenty of Red Bull
Fuze fruit drinks galore
Cosmo's with a healthy dose of Nuvo? Oh wow. 

P.S. If you haven't tried Nuvo, a 15% alcohol sparkling liqueur, you're missing out. Think of it as an updated cosmo.


Anonymous said...

If you are using Organic Lemonaide why not use UK5 Organic Vodka with your drink? Aren't you missing the point?

The Stephanie Paige said...

I'm familiar with UK5 Organic vodka and agree that you should pair organic mixers like lemonade with an organic spirit. There are so many wonderful organic brands out there. Unfortunately when you're a guest a VIP sponsored event for Lollapolooza, you don't get to dictate what's in the drink. I was pleased and happy with all of the gratis selections they had. But stay tuned for future posts on the latest and greatest from the organic world and feel free to email me directly when any suggestions.