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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Original Black & Tan

For an upcoming Chicago Scene article I was looking into the latest and greatest in the beer world. When I connected with my guy at A-B, he sent me this great invention: the Bass Brolly.

The authentic Black & Tan has been made with Bass Pale Ale and Guinness stout since the 1800s and for nearly as long, adults have attempted to pour their Black & Tan by placing a bar spoon over the lid of their pint glass. The bar spoon is an easy tool to use, but it often results in something closer to a caramel than a Black & Tan. To help beer drinkers pour the perfect Black & Tan, Bass created the Bass Brolly, which sits atop the pint glass and allows the stout beer to flow through slowly, resulting in the desired layered effect.

Chicagoans can head to to pick up their own brolly, or swing by your local Binny’s to grab a case of the regular, English Pale Ale.

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